Powerful Lucy

Powerful people lead by doing. They lead by setting examples and following through with exactly what they say. These powerful people are some of the strongest people. While not always in physical strength, it comes through in every aspect of their life. You can see it in the way they carry themselves, the way they talk to you, and the way they live their life. The most powerful person I have ever met is a woman named Lucy. 

Lucy is someone that you can count on. If she says she is going to do something, you can put your paycheck on it that there is always a follow through. Lucy is the most determined and confident person I know, but she isn’t afraid to ask questions or for help. That’s what makes a powerful person. Not being afraid to learn or ask questions.

Without Lucy I would not be here or who I am today. I have known Lucy for the better part of 10 years and been lucky enough to call her my better ¾ for almost 8. The first time I saw her I knew I wanted to be with her. She had unwavering expectations set for herself and for who she wanted to be with. She is the kindest and sweetest person anyone knew but was very firm when the line needed to be drawn. I nor anybody else was going to take her down a path she didn’t first want to go down.

Lucy is the reason I am here. I almost flunked out of high school because I did not care. I had never had a reason to care and had no support saying this is important. She refused to let that happen. If I wanted to never step foot on a college campus that was just fine, but I was not going to date her without that diploma. She gave me the kick I needed to get through, to suck it up, to have a reason to try. With Lucy’s unrelenting support I graduated at the top of my class with honors.

Lucy is the reason I am here. I was diagnosed with a mental illness, and just like today there is no support for people like me. To the majority of people once they find this out, I am immediately a drain on society and someone to be feared – “Watch out! You can get the same thing from talking to it.” I had given up, what was the point of going on if I’m just some junk on the bottom of your shoe. Lucy refused to accept this and to this day is my biggest advocate. Giving up was not an option, hiding in bed for weeks was not an option, avoiding self-care was not an option.

Lucy is the reason I am here. We both thought after high school, college just wasn’t the path to go down. She led the way, she started college and has been telling me for years that I can do it, its not as bad as it seems. In fact, she is about to graduate with a degree in Communications with a focus of Public Advocacy and I could not be prouder. She helped me get signed up and didn’t let me drop out after my first day because I hated public speaking so much.

Lucy is the reason I am here. Because of her I am standing here, alive, happy, and done with my first semester of the one thing I swore to anyone who would listen I would never do. Ladies and Gentlemen, everybody needs a powerful partner like my Lucy and everybody should strive to be powerful. Lead by example. Ask questions. Learn new things. Don’t give up because it looks hard, you might come to enjoy it.