About Me

Hi, I’m Nathan! I am a failure and an achiever. I have successfully made it to 18 without dying or getting shot, but only learning a hard lesson or two and being a hater. I have been in a relationship with the lovely Miss Lucy for over three years, how time flies!

I am a student trying to complete high school a year behind my class because I can’t take myself seriously and my future apparently is meaningless – I promise it really matters to me, I just suck at showing it. I have dipped my feet in many trades, I think that helps make up for my schooling; from diesel mechanics to landscaping(yard cutting) to handyman(catch-all).

My life has been hard work, I have lived by just a few simple things. Never break a promise, but more importantly, never make a promise you can’t keep. A man’s (or woman’s) word is everything, if you can’t trust what they say why are you dealing with them. The second you can’t trust somebody, it’s time to go. Do it right, not over — It’s amazing how there’s never time to do it right the first time, but there is always time to have to start over. Love. Just love. Love with all your heart and tell the people who you do love, because you never know the last time you’ll see them. But, with that said, it is always a good idea to write everything out, even if that person will never see it.

Recently I have been working with my grandfather, who is an independent contractor as a diesel mechanic. I come out in the morning and hop in TopKick and head on out to the site and work all day till it’s done. Honestly this is one of the most gratifying things I have done, you can immediately see the end result of your work and as you are rebuilding the machines you can easily see how much progress you have made — or not made. It is such hard work, but I love every second. Every single job I have gone on I learn something new and it’s something I can continue to use throughout my life. Especially as the concept of leverage – “Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world” (Archimedes). – Which, believe it or not was something hard for me to grasp, I kept trying to use sheer strength that I don’t have when he grabbed a longer wrench and got it with so much less effort.

Something else I have recently started doing, in the last year or so, is that I love working on Truk! Since I started reading the forums and working with Gramps(grandfather) I have done every bit of work to Truk all by myself except the very first brake pad and shoe change with John. But so far I have flushed all my fluids, replaced countless parts, and even added a few mods. Next, suspension upgrade, that will be a first for me.

But me summed up the best way I can put it is something Lucy said before we started dating: “you don’t have to be doing something amazing to enjoy yourself. Music or something simple is enough for you to be happy.” To this day, that stands true, I have changed so much, but in life it is all about the little things and the people you enjoy them with.

P.S. Ignore the dirty laundry, it has to go somewhere.